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Commitment To Your Safety

7-24-20: Bluestem Hand Sanitizer Contains No Methanol (See Attached Certificate of Analysis)

Bluestem Hand Sanitizer Certificate of Analysis.


Updated 7-21-20: List of FDA Banned Hand Sanitizers increases to 75.

Please note: Bluestem Hand Sanitizer is a 100% American made hand sanitizer and has no relationship whatsoever with Blumen, the banned Mexican made hand sanitizer. 

FDA Updates on Hand Sanitizers with Methanol 

These 75 Hand Sanitizers Have Been Recalled By The FDA For Methanol Contamination

Updated 7-10-20: List of FDA Banned Hand Sanitizers increase to 55. 


Updated: 6-23-2020

Your Safety is Our Top Priority!

Many of you have probably seen the articles or heard the news coverage concerning the FDA cracking down on gel-based hand sanitizers from Mexico and China containing dangerous carcinogenic ingredients like methanol. 

We want to reassure you that we use the highest quality ingredients all sourced here in America. Our product is 100% American Made with USP grade ethyl-alcohol as the active ingredient.  We do not have methanol in our product and follow the FDA guidelines strictly. 
When developing Bluestem Hand Sanitizer, we specifically chose to formulate a liquid-based hand sanitizer to reduce unnecessary ingredients that decrease effectiveness.
Please see the links below for the Safety Data Sheet & FDA Registration for Bluestem Hand Sanitizer.

Click Here To View Bluestem Hand Sanitizer Safety Data Sheet

Click Here To View FDA Registered Drug Listing Page and Search For "78701-150" Under NDC Code in the Drop Down Box. 

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Stay Safe,
Jim  & the Bluestem HS Team