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Product Information

What makes Bluestem Hand Sanitizer Premium?

Bluestem Hand Sanitizer contains the highest quality American ingredients including the best grade of alcohol called USP. Our product does not contain any methanol. Please click here for our most recent product certificate of analysis. 

In order to maximize effectiveness of our hand sanitizer, we do not include any additives or essential oils. 

Is Bluestem Hand Sanitizer American Made?

Absolutely! Bluestem is 100% American Made using all American Made ingredients. In addition, we continue to hire American workers as our business grows.

Is Bluestem Hand Sanitizer A Gel?

No, Bluestem Hand Sanitizer is 80% ethanol and a liquid (not gel). 

We specifically chose not to add gelling agents or essential oils that would reduce the effectiveness of our hand sanitizer or cause irritation to the skin or worse allergic reactions.

Please note that many gel hand sanitizers have lower alcohol content (60-70%) and contain poor quality ingredients from countries like Mexico and China making it less effective. FDA has banned 75 hand sanitizers from Mexico due to methanol contamination. 

Is Bluestem Hand Sanitizer Registered With The FDA?

Yes. The FDA has assigned Bluestem Hand Sanitizer with National Drug Code (NDC) # 78701-150