100% American Made Premium Hand Sanitizer. 80% Ethanol (Does Not Contain Methanol)

What is our Mission?

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our company was formed with the mission to provide high quality and clean smelling hand sanitizer people would actually use to stay safe.

Jim, a scientist and expert in the alcohol industry with roots in craft distilling, was compelled to act after experiencing first hand and listening to people trying to protect themselves with low quality hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers weren't being used primarily because of the terrible (bad tequila) smell and irritation of the skin after applying. 

Other manufacturers use the cheapest alcohol available. In addition, these companies typically package in glass bottles which are not practical or safe.

Using industry relationships, Jim quickly sprang into action and began sourcing the highest quality American made ingredients and appropriate packaging to provide safe and effective application.

Once all the ingredients had arrived and were formulated specifically to FDA guidelines, Bluestem hand sanitizer was ready to be shipped throughout the country.

With over 3,000 gallons formulated and delivered, Bluestem is now in the hands of thousands of people from New York to California and everywhere in between.

We look forward to providing you or your business with the best hand sanitizer available!

We are in this together. Please stay safe! - Jim & the Green Stem Team